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When we combine missions with team building, ecotourism and strengths-based leadership consulting we help create win-wins for generations to come.

Reach out to reach in

One of the most life-changing things you can do is go on a mission trip. 


We'd like to help the world and help your team at the same time. By putting intention and preparation into a mission trip we know that we can help bring bottom-line increasing social capital into your organization. Your team will grow in generosity toward each other. They'll be able to embrace your organizations' mission like never before. Your team will grow in trust and loyalty to both each other and your company. 



People were made to live and work in community. The Bible shows us how every community functions best when it acts like a family. The healthy family isn't a machine, it's a powerhouse design for achieving purpose.

Money was made to serve us and is very good at it. When we take the tool money and give it a cause, it grows exponentially. The Bible shows us how the bottom line can grow for the sake of better communities and a healthier planet.

The Bible makes it clear that the earth longs for and waits for us to care for it. While this message is often lacking from Christian sermons it is not lacking from the Bible. To us, revival looks like abundant realities for the planet and creation.



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