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April 2019 - Himalaya Harvest

May 3, 2019

"The word of God is a human right."
Frank Kaleb Jansen - Founder/Chairman (1980 - 2009)


My visit to the hills in Jharkhand - Pr. John Joy Raj

I had a short visit to Jharkhand to few villages in hilly areas, where no one has reached yet
with the gospel. Pr. Wilson Hembrom has started his ministry in the villages down the
hills for the past two years. The names of the nine villages we want to concentrate among
the hills are Goda Phuli, Jadi bedo, Jadi Jokha, Tok Jadi, Kotaromo, Mansivri, Kaldigoda, Kapas Beda Pahad, Katar Bhita. The residents in these villages are commonly known as pahadis. Their language has no script and is very different. They seemed underprivileged as there are no schools, drinking water facilities, electricity, medical facilities, good roads etc. 95% are addicted to all kinds of drugs mostly alcohol.


Pr. Wilson had a vision and burden to work among them and had been praying for a ministry opening for the past 17 years. He is now convinced that this is the perfect time in the plan of God to start a ministry there. It was on February 23rd that I visited one of the villages Mansivri along with Wilson, the Panchayat leader, few pastors and some other believers. Some of them went while fasting, because they were aware of the importance as well as the expected danger of the task. His brother-in-law Pr. Ruel Hansda was very helpful to us while visiting villages and in our accommodations and food. One young man among us knew both santhali as well as pahadiya language. We had to walk 5 kms up through jungles. Pr. Wilson had conveyed the message of our visit to the pahadis through a believer in his village. We went in three groups because the route to the village was not clear to anybody. All of the groups were struggling to find the way but finally I could find out the route to the village through the help of my GPS. Following the indicated path by the GPS and removing the bushes on both sides, we walked some distance and finally found a stony path to the village and thus we managed to reach the village at last. The information of our visit was already conveyed to the village leader. But he was very suspicious of us and his dealings with us at first were rough. But with prayer, I went close to him, held his hand and shared about our desire to uplift them, with the help of a translator. Hearing my words, his face brightened up and it was then the villagers started coming out from their houses, one by one.


After waiting for more than an hour, two other groups were also reached. Then we conducted a gospel program which was the first attempt of any gospel program in their village. They enjoyed the songs. When I said Jesus loves them and they are very precious to Him, they were very happy and showed their willingness to hear us more. We prayed for the daughter of the village leader, bound by an evil spirit that had made her mute for several years. After prayer she started shouting Jesus, Jesus! We believe the Lord will give her complete deliverance which will open the door of salvation to these villages. We conveyed about our desire to uplift them. The panchayat leader, who accompanied us, (fortunately he is a Christian though nominal) promised to help in their development especially for some good roads and electricity. 


We met four young people who have studied up to Class 12 from a school in the plain area run by the government. But unfortunately this school is closed down and now that single opportunity for schooling also is ended. We strongly feel that these four young people could be a mighty instrument for reaching out these villages, sharing the word of God in their own language. These young men showed their willingness to work with Pr. Wilson for the development of their own people and to undergo Bible training. So, in order to do this, firstly small educational centre for non school going children and then a Bible training centre has to be started. The village leader promised to provide his land and do necessary arrangements to start the educational project soon.Transportation facility is another obstacle. They usually walk and hire donkeys or horses to carry food items to the villages, because getting even a motor bike to the village was very difficult. Three of the team members tried it, their motorbike fell in different places, and all the way they had to push it, which made their reach to the village late and troublesome. Giving some medical training is another important task. The nearest hospital is about 40 km far from the first village and proper medical treatment is a very big challenge for them. We know the task is highly difficult but with God nothing is impossible. Pr. Wilson is moving forward with prayer, preparing himself to face the challenge. We trust in the Lord for His provision to start the educational project and thus start reaching these unreached villages with the love of Christ, with out any delay.





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