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January 2019 - Josh's Trip to India

January 23, 2019

"The word of God is a human right."

Frank Kaleb Jansen - Founder/Chairman (1980 - 2009)

Here's an update from Josh about his time in India:


I'm pretty sure it was Nina who had the idea for me to go to India first. Bob's health wasn't great back in November and so she asked me to go with, or for Bob if he decided not to go. I thought, "no thanks" to myself but wondered what God might be up to. That night was the first of several nights when I woke up at 3am and felt the Lord leading me to talk with Him. That night I immediately heard the Lord ask me to preach the gospel to Him. I thought, 'uh, you've probably heard this one.' but the tug continued and so I tried it. While the gospel is always a part of what we do in ministry I hadn't attempted to preach an evangelistic gospel in a long time. At Bethel where I work full-time, my primary role is either administrative or edification ministry for Christians (i.e. equipping the saints, teaching, encouraging, worship and so on. "Body Ministry"). Nevertheless, I went for it and as I fumbled around with a little nervousness I found my message of hope about Jesus and preached it. As I did two things happened. First, I felt in my chest as courage filled my body physically. This made me realize that the gospel is anointed all on its own. I realized that I could personally draw courage from it and that I probably should do that more often. The second thing that happened was that I had an open vision. As I preached I began to see a crowd of Indian faces in front of me who were receiving the message. This vision and other circumstances convinced both Mary and I that I should go, that God would be with me, and that I should have faith for God to do a powerful work through me there. I was continually woken up for many nights after this and every time God would say "Preach the Gospel".


Shortly after confirming I would go, I received the schedule of events provided by HEM. Immediately I felt very confused as to why God seemed to be preparing me to preach the evangelistic gospel. There was nothing on the schedule for outreach that I could discern. It all seemed so Body Ministry focused. I wrote to Grace and asked to be sure, she confirmed that I would be ministering to mostly pastors and their families during the conference. I thought, why was God so adamant about the gospel and what seemed like soul winning. It was only a few days into the trip before I found out that I would be preaching to crowd of about 800 Hindus. Brother Selwyn was with me and had made arrangements to attend a Christmas celebration at a nearby Good Shepard OM school. Due to some unexpected schedule changes I ended up being free to go with him. I'm glad I did because as I went up to deliver the message I immediately realized that these were the same faces from my vision. I delivered the message of hope that Jesus brought salvation to all of humanity. I was so thrilled as I saw everyone there begin to grab a hold of Hope and as I came to the end of my message they erupted with cheers. Believing that there were seeds of Hope planted by the Holy Spirit that day and that He is continuing to water them with His love. On my way to India I had felt Jesus saying that He could change a Nation and I was seeing it happen right before my eyes.


Many other signs and wonders followed my time there. Many were delivered of demons, blind eyes were opened, deaf were given their ability to hear. A woman with a paralyzed hand reached it out and we all watched as the muscle grew and the hand began to grasp and make a fist for the first time in so many years. Many were saved, many heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Mary and I had more confirmation that we had made a good decision to take the ministry on and God even gave vision for the future. First we honor and will maintain this amazing work that Bob has passed on to us but with the help of some additional funding we hope to raise this year we'd like to bring Chris Johnson the son of Johnson George here to America to help us plant a school to equip young pastors in India. 


Keep India in your prayers because there is so much hope for India. It's overwhelming but like the mother of Jesus, Mary, we need to grab ahold of hope. Consider it, there had been four hundred years of darkness, but she pulled on that thread of hope until the veil tore away. That veil came down and revealed so much hope! Hope enough for all the human race. Hope with us for a more Christlike India. An India full of hope, full of love, joy, peace and righteousness. God let your Kingdom come!





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