Encounters: Pressing Into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply

Encounters: Pressing Into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply

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What are encounters? Author Joshua Marcengill believes encounters are touches from a happy fully satisfied God who's intentionality cannot be taught but must be experienced first hand. Encounters are the relationship that overwhelms our religion leaving us with pure faith, passionate love and an authentic connection with the full Christian Trinity. Encounters are the raw materials that make up the full armor in Ephesians. They're the lifestyle that Jesus had and the open storehouses of heaven for us to use here on earth in practical ways to overwhelm debt, loss, and death. Encounters are the right of every Christian, what Jesus paid for and positioned you to receive. It's time to open up the storehouses of purpose and equipping that truly release you into the wholehearted intention of the Heavenly Father for your life.


Live an intimate life full of encounters with our loving God.


Learn to let God chart and supply your faith course from now on.


Live a truly authentic Christian life and release heaven on earth.


Encounter based 365 day Bible reading plan and guide for sharing your encounter testimonies included.


Clearly this generation is waking up to the goodness of God all around them. While many continue to find ways to dismiss and devalue the work of God in the land of the living others cannot ignore the upsurge in daily encounters. ENCOUNTERS is a book that will help you to grab ahold of the way God is moving amongst us all today. Joshua shares some of his own personal encounters and how the correlation of his stewardship of them resulted in a rich and ever-deepening relationship to the living God. Most chapters include exercises to help you to open up the lines of communication that bring heaven to earth through you. Without encounters we are blind and deaf to God and the inheritance He has given us.


Like Jesus, we need to live and breath based on our personal relationship with God. There is no shortage on encounters my friends, and this book will encourage you in how to develop the encounter lifestyle that will help abundantly sustain the end times revival that never ends.


    New - Great Condition. Paperback 2019. Other than the cost of printing and shipping the book, all other proceeds for this product go directly to Bibles for All Ministries, Inc. and will help us in our mission to purchase Bibles for all. At a minimum, Bibles for All Ministries, Inc. is committed to giving at least one Bible for every book sold. This is a physical copy of the book Encounters: Pressing Into Your Abundant Heavenly Supply by author Joshua Marcengill.


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