News from the field - Nepal June 2019

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

"The word of God is a human right." Frank Kaleb Jansen - Founder/Chairman (1980 - 2009)

It is time again to refresh you with what our good Lord is doing among us in Nepal. Though there were clouds of threats and suspicion, we had our four refreshers in the farthest regions. Praise the Lord! This year we are covering the third and final module of our refresher program.

It was my prayer to have a companion for the long travels on buses with my broken leg, someone who could share with me in the refreshers as well. Br. Bharat Pradhan was willing to partner with me for the eastern trip. So we had a great time of traveling together and sharing with our pastors/missionaries.

We had our Janakpur refresher with over 24 participants from state 2 which has been the dry field for decades. We have more than 5 churches added this year and more in the making. Praise the Lord for the marvelous work of the Holy Spirit! We had a great time of fellowship and learning together.

Then on traveling East for another two days we had 10 of our missionaries meet together in our make shift new rented church hall in Damak. the place was more like a lodge where we could stay, eat and have meetings with lots of others living in adjacent rooms! Some of our missionaries are struggling and the fellowship was a time of encouragement. Finally we came back safe and a little tired to Kathmandu for a week of rest and rejuvenation.

After we rested it was time to travel West. Hoping to have a companion join the trip from Nepalgunj, we flew there to learn that the person who had agreed was no longer available. Had to look for someone else and finally Pastor Govinda from Lamki agreed to help. So I took the only bus available (as it was a strike day by an ultra leftist group), cramped into a seat to arrive in Lamki by 9 pm. It was very hot but had warm a welcome in Pr. Govinda's home and we started early the next morning for the far west hills- Doti. Changing two buses and traveling for 10 hours, we arrived in Dipayal and rested in a hotel arranged by the local Pastor.

The next morning we walked for 20 minutes to reach the church where we meet on a hill. Our missionaries have to travel 10-12 hours on buses to arrive from various places of this region and we had 10 of them for our program. Three could not come. The local Pastor's family cooked food for us and the drinking water had to be hand carried from almost a 30 min walk away! It was a miracle that God arranged conveyance for us to return straight to Lamki after the refresher as buses usually operate only before noon. Praise God that He cares for the details and is able to arrange every detail.

It was very hot (over 109 degrees) in Lamki and Tikapur but we spent the next day traveling on a bike with one of our Pastors to visit our missionaries and have lunch and refreshments with them. We had our refresher at Lamki the next day onward with 20 of our missionaries. One had to leave in the middle and another that evening as his house roof was blown away by the rain storm which came that evening, cooling us down but damaging a lot of houses. We had times of sharing and praying along with teaching.

This year it was memorable when we enjoyed communion together towards the end of our refreshers in each place. It was special as we communed with each other and remembered the oneness in Christ's body and His death on the cross on our behalf. It was also a push for us to continue with what our Lord has entrusted us with to be witnesses.

Finally, had a night bus travel back to Kathmandu with a swollen leg, but in God's good care. Had a time of rest, then completed other works and got ready for two more refreshers in Mid West Nepal (Surkhet and Butwal) to be held late June. Br. Bharat has kindly agreed to join me! Please be praying!

We praise God for all of those who have prayed for these events and supported us to make it possible. We look forward in great hope to have more churches starting up and many more entering into the Kingdom of light.

It is a joyous privilege to share this mission with you all!

In the proclamation of the victory on Calvary and the provision of life eternal, PA Thomas

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