News from the field - KEF July 2019

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

"The word of God is a human right."

Frank Kaleb Jansen - Founder/Chairman (1980 - 2009)

My cousin Chad was able to visit KEF in July so wanted to share a post he put on Facebook about his trip...

Family. It was the reason I went to India. My late uncle, who gave 25+ years of his life as a missionary to India, asked me to see the world he served. And it was an honor to celebrate his life’s work these last several weeks.

And the gift my uncle gave me in going was I met my brothers and sisters in India. And those family members are inspiring.

The work that Bishop Santosh Thomas and his family serve is mind blowing. Leading a ministry that covers all of northern India caring for a school, an orphanage, a leper community, a community ravaged by a landslide, a women’s to work ministry, nurturing care of migrant shepherds, numerous churches, and more. Meanwhile doing this on a very small budget. I was beyond inspired.

I am very fortunate that my life has now been connected to Bishop Thomas and his family.

Additionally I was honored to see these ministry outreach programs while traveling four days through the Himalayas with a group of brothers who were key in making our trip a success. From driving our bus, to assistance in delivering the supplies, to helping my friend Travis and I communicate, these young men who made this journey with us, I am forever indebted too.

Family. I am happy to introduce you to my ever growing family.

The world has amazing people to share it with.

Here are a few of the beautiful images he was able to capture while he was there!

We are amazed at all of the of the ways lives are being transformed each and every day through KEF! Continue to pray with us for God's love to touch each and every heart in India!

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