Catching You Up - A Year in Review

Hi all, it's 2021 and we are excited for all of you who have made it through this challenging year. Thank God for you and for your spiritual kinship in Christ with us. We're happy to report that we are a growing Spiritual Family all over the world. Bibles for All has continued to grow this past year and connect and build trusting relationships both here and abroad in 2020.

For Mary and I (Joshua), we have been caught up in so many causes for Christ this past year and I wanted to apologize for not getting regular blogs/newsletters and updates out to you all about the good things that we've seen God doing for all.

Just a few highlights:

All throughout 2020, we have been supporting a new ministry partner in West Bengal who is focused on helping children to have their basic needs met as well as to know our Jesus. We met Mike in 2019 through a mutual friend and couldn't wait to help support his efforts in India. This year we began sending finances to their ministry for support with Bible needs as well as physical needs for his many orphanages and ministry partners.

This picture here is from a friend's trip to Kenya where we were able to send Audio Bibles in several languages with him. One of the highlight reports for us was the Masai language which was recently made into an audio Bible by some of our ministry friends. We sent these over to a tribe that had not been able to hear the word of God in their own heart language.

Another, and for me, one of the most meaningful things I've ever done in my life, I wrote about in detail in another blog if you click here. The short version is we were able to get some Bibles to a booming Jesus revival in a warzone in Burma. God is amazing! We will be continuing these efforts into this year as well.

We have had severe challenges getting money to some of our key partners in Kashmir, India and this has continued into 2021. We even lost some funding as failed attempts to wire the money happened due to international banking complications. However, we are happy to report that this will be resolved this year before the end of February 2021. This has been top of mind for Mary and I all through 2020 but we have been assured that the losses have been minimized by proper planning and preparations that had been made prior to 2020.

We are grateful for their reserves and foresight for times such as these. Thank God for the wisdom He so clearly provided to keep them in ministry and even able to work with their communities to keep them well over this past crazy year. Unbelievable generosity and community support has been continuing to flow from the efforts of KEF. We're so excited to know that every gift given which has been carefully stewarded by us will be safe in the hands of those in Kashmir within the month of February.

Domestically Mary and I both felt called to venture out with God to Selma, Alabama where we have helped a local church here provide online services. We've worked with this organization to help them build a wineskin of administration around the cultural shifts that God has called them into. Counseling and healing services, worship, and so much more have been an ongoing part of our offering here. Financially as well, I was hired full-time to work on the staff here in Selma at the church called Blue Jean Selma Church.

This move has shown us the wonderful faithfulness of our Lord as well as support in our personal finances. Mary was able to get a full-time position as a car sales associate at a Christian dealership in the Selma area as well. She's been a ballet dancer her whole life so neither of us saw this coming but she ended up feeling like she enjoyed sales! We're so grateful for the Lord's continued provision through these times.

We sent our brother and sister in law off to Kenya in November of 2020 and are so grateful to be able to contribute into their support through our own increased giving to Bibles for All. The Lord our God always finds a way. There are many things I'm leaving out but I wanted to put out some highlights for all of you that I know care deeply for this ministry and the great things that God has promised us. The cause is richer now than ever and we pray that you are blessed and God's presence and affections are felt all over your life. Please do continue to keep us in your prayers as we look forward to this year and thank God for the last.

We thank God for you all! The mission continues, the promises are great from God and the future is bright for all of God's people!

Joshua Marcengill

Chief Operations Officer at Bibles for All Ministries, Inc.

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